Bringing you closer to your dream of becoming a roboticist

Our hands-on courses welcome everyone, regardless of their experience level with robotics.


Some of the skills that you will pick up while learning robotics.









Every Course Includes:

Access to our online curriculum

Upon purchasing an online course from our robotics academy, customers will receive immediate access to our online curriculum through a secure login portal.

A robotics kit delivered to you

With every course, you will receive a robotics kit delivered to your door that is fully yours to keep.

Learn at your own pace

The flexibility of our courses allows you to learn whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Online Support

We are here to help you succeed! Contact for help with any challenges you may encounter.

Earn a PreDegree Certification

After completing your course, you will receive a PreDegree certification that you can use in your resume or display on LinkedIn.

Robotics Community

Join our online community of robotics enthusiasts to get help, or simply chat about what you’re working on. 

To get started with one of our courses, you will need...

A Mac or Windows laptop with free disk space and administrative rights to install Arduino IDE and other necessary utilities

Note: Chromebook will not work

A USB-C to USB adapter if your laptop contains only the new USB-C ports

Philips/ Cross-head screwdriver

An interest to learn robotics! 

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Build a Robotic Arm


What Our Clients Say
I took an online course with Evodyne Robotics and I loved it so much I learned about Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
What Our Clients Say
Enrolling in the robotics course at Evodyne Robotics was an incredibly rewarding experience.
What Our Clients Say
After being retired for the past few years, this course helped me gain valuable skills and reignite my passion for technology.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop with administrative rights to install Arduino, Python and other programming tools. If you have a newer Mac or Windows laptop with only USB-C ports, you will need a USB-C to USB adapter to be able to connect the Arduino to your computer. Chromebooks will not work for our program.

We’re here to help! Submit a ticket, or ask a question in the community forum to get help fast.


All experience levels are welcome with us! Whether you’re someone with 0 experience, or someone who’s had their fair share of time with robotics, we’re confident you will learn something exciting with us.


Besides a laptop or computer:

  • Internet Access to download required tools and utilities

  • Ability to use zoom

  • Thats it, everything else will be provided in the mailed kit, including a special webcam so the instructor can view your build in real-time!

After successfully completing one of our courses, you will receive a downloadable PreDegree certificate you can use on your resume or LinkedIn to show your skills and knowledge in robotics.