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At Evodyne, we are committed to breaking down barriers, sparking curiosity, and fostering innovation through accessible and inclusive robotics education.


Compact Back Drivable
Brushless Actuator

Quadruped Gait Optimization
On Uneven Terrain

Vertical Wind Turbine And

Robot Motion Planning From
Natural Language Using

Fields of Research

Can an artificial intelligence without a physical body feel the "need" to survive? In the future, a robot without a corresponding functional AI will cease to be called a robot, merely an automaton. And a purely software AI without an embodiment will cease to be called an intelligence, merely a decision engine. That future is near. We are at the cusp of Artificial Sentience, and Evodyne is on the edge.
Home Robotics
Evodyne began with the dream of a functional yet affordable assistive home robot. With the recent rapid advancements in human computer advanced, that dream is now suddenly within reach. We are hard at work on version 2 of Strider, with new actuators for the robotic arm, and a GPT like interface for voice communication.
Actuator Design​
An actuator that is affordable, back-drivable, low-rpm and high torque, and lightweight simply does not exist. This continues to seriously hamper robotics research for anyone without a large budget. We are working on perfecting our design for mass-production.
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